Saltwater Dreamtime Art Exhibition

Monday 17 Sep 2018

Head to the Australia Buyer and Media Lounge to see award-winning Indigenous artist Zachary Bennett-Brook paint his story in his own unique way.


The Aboriginal tradition of Dreamtime represents the Indigenous People of Australia’s understanding of the world through storytelling; passing on important knowledge, cultural values and belief systems to later generations.


Being Torres Strait Islander and growing up in Wollongong (Dharawal Country), Zac was surrounded by water. The ocean is ingrained within his cultural heritage and is often represented in his designs. Inspired in the ocean's blue walls and sandy floors, Zac’s designs explore different colour tones commonly associated with the sea, which creates a unique perspective of a contemporary blend of Indigenous and surf culture. In a short time, Zac has gained worldwide recognition for his Indigenous art with works being exhibited all over the world.  

Posted in 'Luxperience' on Monday 17 Sep 2018