What’s the difference between luxury and affluent travellers?

Thursday 24 Aug 2017

Many times, the words luxury and affluent are used almost interchangeably when talking about the top tier of travellers. But there are some key differences that significantly impact the way they travel.


The recent Portrait of American Travellers report from travel and hospitality marketing firm MMYG Global found that not all wealthy travellers travel in the same way. “As an industry, we typically get so focused on high income or net worth as a measure of the luxury traveller,” said Craig Compagnone, MMGY’s senior vice president of business strategy. “But just because someone makes X amount a year doesn’t make them a luxury traveller. Not all affluent people are luxury travellers.


One of the most interesting findings from the report is that true luxury travellers are more driven by experiential and authentic experiences. 82% of luxury travellers want to explore different cultures, compared to only 60% of affluent travellers. Food is an important element for 78% of luxury travellers, while only 58% of affluent travellers felt the same way.


The study also found that luxury travellers are more likely to use a travel agent, valuing their experience and knowledge when it comes to creating the ideal experiential holiday.

Posted in 'Lux Trends ' on Thursday 24 Aug 2017