Meet the Thought Leaders – Dr Glenn and Heather Singleman

Friday 21 Jul 2017


It’s a common piece of business advice that you need to overcome your fears. Dr Glenn and Heather Singleman take a more literal approach to this mantra, throwing themselves from planes and off cliffs as part of embracing a ‘fearless life’.


In their career as professional adventurers they made the first and only crossing of the Grand Canyon in a wingsuit, made numerous high altitude base jumps from some of the world’s most imposing mountains, and climbed Antarctica’s Mt Minto. But they aren’t just thrill seekers. Their expeditions are designed to inspire others to pursue their own version of ‘what's possible’.


Glenn says. "Most importantly I've developed a deep understanding of the profound benefits of an active adventure lifestyle to genuine peak performance and I'm especially interested in the role of fear in degrading our health and happiness. Years of bold wilderness expeditions combined with my work as an emergency doctor has taught me how to harness fear to progress, rather than hamper my goals."

Posted in 'Lux Trends ' on Friday 21 Jul 2017