What do the judges look for?

Submissions are to be supplied through a visual interpretation such as images, animated gifs, short videos or clips, and or digital channels. Please include captions and/or narratives describing how the campaign meets the category requirements. 

Is my company/personal information safe?

The Judges are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and Declaration of Interest that ensures that they do not divulge any information from the Awards, and that they have no interest in the outcome of any particular Award Category.

Finally, absolute dollar amounts are not required. Use graphs, charts, tables and other illustrative methods to demonstrate and substantiate your claims.

Who should complete the submission?

In most cases the successful submissions are a team effort. Certainly, it is not recommended that a junior member of staff take complete responsibility for the submission as the task requires management knowledge and a sophisticated understanding of business principles.

However, remember no matter who completes the submission, someone else should proof read it. Basic errors in typing, spelling and grammar can lead to a reduction in the credibility of the submission.