About Us

Luxperience launched in 2012 as an annual three and a half day luxury travel business exchange event with the aim to provide delegates inspirational ideas and create long term meaningful connections.

We provide you with a personalised pre-scheduled appointment diary to meet with your preferred and suitably qualified buyers or suppliers within the luxury experiential travel and corporate events and incentives space, that best suits your business needs. In addition, our program includes several networking events, tour options and inspiring business sessions from innovative and thought provoking visionaries. Think of us as your personal introduction agent, business coach and social planner.

Each delegate is individually selected and pre-qualified to attend Luxperience on a by-invitation basis, giving all delegates the assurity that every delegate is thoroughly vetted against our strict criteria.



We are committed to endlessly discovering, researching, analysing an innovating the luxury and experiential travel market. We consider being the gatekeepers and ensuring the bar is kept high and connecting the right people. 




Luxperience is intelligent and analytical in its approach. It targets and connects well researched, global pioneers in the high-end and experiential travel industry directly to their hard-to-reach markets




Luxperience is an exclusive, invitation only event, which attracts the highest quality buyers and sellers to this timeless experience




The value of Luxperience lies in providing the business platform for our clients to create essential, meaningful, personal, long lasting connections into strategically targeted business opportunities that translate into ROI.




Luxperience provides an exciting space for industry peers to engage in an immersive, memorable way and therefore create enduring connections and relationships. Ultimately Luxperience reflects the kind of travel we represent.




The value of Luxperience lies in our ability to uncover and attract the right, elusive buyers and connect them to sellers who offer meaningful luxurious experiences.




Luxperience is not just any trade show. We aim to offer content that is always innovative, inspiring, and diverse. We drive trends in the industry and influential in informing the major players in the market of the industry’s latest offerings.




By providing an extraordinary event, Luxperience buyers and sellers connect in a way that is beyond the mundane. These professional relationships are built in an intimate, personal environment where there is a shared love for creating unique travel experiences most people only ever dream of.





2017-2018 Luxperience Factsheet